Samm Deighan

An editor and copywriter with social media experience.

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Westfield Leader

Arthur Murray Fundraiser

A newspaper article on Arthur Murray's Make-a-Wish-Foundation fundraiser.

Berkeley Symphony Orchestra

Tickets for a Berkeley Symphony performance.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group performance deal.

Broadway Tickets

"Heather the Musical" on Broadway.

Broadway Tickets

Tickets to "Cinderella" on Broadway.

Broadway Tickets

Tickets to "Act One" with Tony Shalhoub.

Chicago Food Truck Festival

Admission to the Chicago Food Truck Festival.

Comedy Pet Theater in Las Vegas

Admission to a comedy show in Vegas.

Comfort Classics Gourmet Event

Admission to a gourmet culinary event in the Upper West Side.

Disney on Ice

Tickets to Disney on Ice in South Carolina.

Franklin Park Zoo

Admission to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

1736 article

Kidnapped (US Blu-ray Review) - Diabolique Magazine

Kidnapped (US Blu-ray Review) - Diabolique Magazine...

LA Taco Fest

Tickets for the 4th annual Taco Fest.

"La Traviata"

Orlando opera performance and Champagne reception.

LA Zoo

Holiday festival at the LA Zoo.